123 Pleasant Street

123 pleasant st
Click here to check out 123 Pleasant Street’s calendar of events.

123 Pleasant Street is a venue for musical performances from all genres and is home to some of the best music Morgantown has to offer.  Located on the historic late 19th century era Brick Row,  123 Pleasant Street caters to individuals of all musical tastes with offerings that include everything from reggae to bluegrass to rock to country.  For years, 123 Pleasant Street has been the location for local artists and underground musicians to get discovered.  The musicians that play at 123 have a growing audience and frequently play to a packed house.

Historically, this location was once home to a music venue called The Underground Railroad. Marsha Ferber and a group of friends opened The Underground Railroad in 1982 with the idea of creating a bar where music was the binding force bringing together all types of people in a peaceful atmosphere. The Underground Railroad’s name came from Ferber’s desire to have a place where people could “find their way to freedom” by interacting and listening to music without regard to skin color, dress, sexuality, hair style, or ideas. Harriet Tubman, the heroine of the real Underground Railroad, was painted on the wall of 123 and came to symbolize the bar’s concept of basic equality among all people.

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Check out 123 Pleasant Street’s calendar of events.

123 Pleasant St. ♦ Website ♦ Email ♦ (304) 292-0800


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