Downtown Preservation Award – Main Street Morgantown

PAWV honors Main Street Morgantown with the the Downtown Preservation Award.

Preserve West Virginia

Historic downtowns are making a comeback and proving to be centers of growth and hubs for business development, the arts, and social activities.  The people at Main Street Morgantown realized the potential of downtown revitalization decades ago, and that is why we are honored them with the Downtown Preservation Award.

Main Street Morgantown is a nonprofit organization founded in 1984.  It is dedicated to the continued revitalization of downtown Morgantown and the Historic Wharf District.  Since 1984, Main Street Morgantown has been involved in the creation of 1300 new jobs, the opening of more than 200 new businesses, and over $126 million dollars in investments.  It is a grassroots organization working primarily in the areas of historic preservation and economic development, and it has received numerous local, state, and national awards, including the Great American Main Street Award in 1998.

Main Street Morgantown has worked on many historic preservation projects…

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