MSM Updates the Downtown Walking Tour

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MSM has begun updating the Historic Downtown Morgantown Audio Walking Tour. We have received an in-kind donation from the Mollohan Foundation for guidebook redesign and have begun collaborating to improve the tour guidebook. We have also received an in-kind photography donation from Julie DiBiase to update the tour’s imagery. We are currently in the process of applying for funding to update the technology, signage, and marketing of the tour.

The Historic Downtown Morgantown Audio Walking Tour is a self-guided tour that focuses on Downtown Morgantown’s emblematic architecture and complex history. Currently, community members and visitors may acquire a guidebook and rent an MP3 player for the Tour at the Historic Clarion Hotel Morgan.

As a result of technology’s rapid progression over the last nine years, the tour’s technology, which was state of the art in 2005, has become outdated and, the tour has experienced a decrease in utilization throughout this time period. It is the goal of this project to bring the tour’s technology into 2014 and provide an attraction that creates an increased appreciation for Morgantown’s history and historic preservation efforts, while attracting heritage tourists to our downtown as a means of enhancing the local economy.

In order to accomplish the goals MSM has established for the tour, MSM will need to update and print its tour guidebook; create a mobile website and upgrade its tour technology; make the tour downloadable via computers, smartphones and other mobile devices; design and implement two awareness kiosks for the tour; and develop and implement a multi-media awareness campaign.

We hope through this process will increase knowledge and utilization of the tour and increase foot traffic and heritage tourism in the downtown as a means of creating economic development for the area.

For more information about the tour updating process, please contact us via the below box or call our offices at (304) 292-0168.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in donating to this project, please contact us via the contact box below or call our offices at (304) 292-0168. To learn if your donation will qualify you for Neighborhood Investment Program state tax credits, please view our donation page 


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