Downtown Tour Featured in Morgantown Magazine

morg magHave you picked up the latest edition of Morgantown Magazine? If not, make certain that you alleviate that issue immediately because you don’t want to miss the June/July edition.

Courtney DePottey, a Morgantown Magazine intern, and Elizabeth Roth, the Morgantown Magazine web manager and photographer, both stopped by Main Street Morgantown’s office in April to talk about the Historic Downtown Morgantown Audio Walking Tour with MSM’s AmeriCorps member. “Excavating Morgantown,” on pages 20-21 of the June/July edition, was the result of this conversation.

The article highlights a few of the writer’s favorite tidbits from the tour, including the story of practical jokester Dr. James Cox and the great Morgantown hog debate of the 1830s, while also discussing updates to the tour, which MSM’s AmeriCorps member is working to execute. These facts are accompanied by beautiful photographs of Downtown Morgantown, which, when combined, paint a picture of both the tour and what the article refers to as Morgantown’s “quirky” history.

Pick up a copy of Morgantown Magazine today to read more about the tour, or stop by the Hotel Morgan to take the tour yourself.

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