Downtown Gains New Public Works Coordinator


Main Street Morgantown is pleased to announce that, after over a year of discussion with the City of Morgantown about Downtown maintenance, the City has created a public works position.

Keep your eyes out for the new Downtown Public Works Coordinator, Casey Osborne. Osborne began work Downtown on June 9, 2014, where he helps to maintain the downtown public area’s pristine look and manner by cleaning its sidewalks and streets of debris and supervising Downtown’s sidewalk cleaning crews. During the winter months, Osborne will also make certain that Downtown’s crosswalks and sidewalks are clear of snow and ice. This will ensure the safety of Downtown business owners, Morgantown residents, students, and visitors.

Osborne will also be focusing on the smaller details that have a strong impact on the downtown’s look and feel. He will help maintain and, if necessary, help repair city-owned light posts, street signs, trash dispensers, traffic control boxes, and more.

Osborne will also serve as a Downtown ambassador, helping anyone who needs directions or instructions while in Downtown. Downtown business owners and visiting Morgantown citizens can also report their concerns to Osborne, who will forward them to the city administrators for action.

Read more about Osborne and the new public works coordinator position here.


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