Signage Completed at Morgantown Market Place

Main wvuhealthcareStreet Morgantown is proud to announce that signage for the Morgantown Market Place WVU Healthcare Culinary Station  has been designed and installed. This is the latest addition to the Morgantown Market Place, following the dedication of the WVU Healthcare Culinary Station in May.

We are also excited to announce that American Farmland Trust recently ranked the Morgantown Farmers’ Market as number 11th most celebrated farmers market in the nation. MSM would like to thank all those who have donated to the Morgantown Market Place and would like to provide a special thank you to WVU Healthcare for their wonderful contribution toward making the Morgantown Market Place Culinary Station a reality.

A Brief History of the Morgantown Market Place:

In 2012, MSM dedicated the pavilion over the lot at the corner of Spruce and Fayette Streets, now known as the Morgantown Market Place. Today, the Morgantown Market Place is home to the Morgantown Farmer’s Market and hosts several other events throughout the year.

On May 3, 2014, MSM hosted the dedication of the Morgantown Market Place’s culinary station. In 2013, MSM received funding for the culinary station through the Growing Healthy Communities Grant and WVU Healthcare. The goal of the culinary station is to foster awareness of healthy eating habits and combat West Virginia’s low health rankings. At the time that MSM applied for the Growing Healthy Communities Grant, West Virginia was ranked as first in heart disease and 3rd in obesity, nationwide.

With funding and support from WVU Healthcare and the Growing Healthy Communities Grant, MSM has been able to construct the culinary station & public restrooms, procure kitchen equipment, and develop a series of educational sessions that focus on healthy cooking.

WVU Healthcare conducted the first culinary demonstration at the culinary station on May 3, 2014. They have continued to host a culinary sampling or demo on the first Saturday of every month since the May 3rd opening and will continue to do so through October of 2014.

Main Street Morgantown has also printed recipe cards with recipes from WVU Healthcare’s Healthy Café, which will feature some of the ingredients customers can buy throughout the season. Featured products include meatballs, veggie melts, applesauce and crunchy pumpkin pie. Look for other culinary samplings and demos throughout the season by local restaurants and other food experts.


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