What is the Organization Committee?

Main Street Morgantown follows the Four Point Approach® set by the national main street organization, and one of those four points is “organization.”  The Organization Committee is charged with keeping the organization in good working order.  The role of the committee is to raise funds, manage staff and volunteers, promote the organization, and manage finances.

Not everyone enjoys fundraising, but like it or not it, it is a part of this committee’s work plan.  The funds can be raised by way of grants; local, state, or federal investment; private donations; memberships/supporters; project specific or events.  It is important for each member of this committee to fully understand what it is Main Street does and what the specific goals of your town’s organization are in order to promote and market it to potential investors and residents.

The Organization Committee is also responsible for volunteer recruitment and staff management.  Volunteers are very important to the organization, not only because funds are often limited, but it creates a greater sense of community.  Volunteers become part of the movement for change in their community which can influence real change.

This committee in conjunction with the Promotion Committee, which will discussed in a later article, share the responsibility of promoting the district and the organization. For Main Street Morgantown, the Organization Committee takes on the task of advertisement, which include updating the website, social media networks, press releases and all other media notices.  They introduce new business and property owners to the organization and organize grand openings.

Main Street Morgantown’s Organization Committee also takes on the responsibility of updating and reviewing the bylaws for the organization and planning the annual meeting and awards ceremony.  They choose which awards will be given out and who receives them.  They put a tremendous amount of work into deciding the award category and visiting with possible recipients before deciding who the winners will be.

MSM’s Organization Committee is operated by volunteers and meets once monthly.  Their projects and progress will be updated monthly on our blog so please be sure to follow us here, on Facebook, twitter, or our blog to stay informed.  If you see something of interest and would like to volunteer for this committee be sure to contact us.


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