Public Art Mural: Call for Artists


Request for Proposals/Request for Qualifications


Main Street Morgantown (MSM) requests proposals and qualifications from artists for the design and implementation of public art murals.  This project is part of MSM’s ongoing public art initiative, Art’s Happening, which seeks to enhance and improve downtown Morgantown through the addition of quality public art.

This project represents the first two (2) in a series of artistic murals to be commissioned by MSM.  For these two murals, MSM will choose and commission one (1) artist for each mural to present and develop concepts and oversee production and installation of an artwork, which will simultaneously meet the artistic/technical goals specified herein.

The two proposed public art murals shall be installed on the side of two downtown buildings.  While definitive measurements of the wall areas will be forthcoming, for the purposes of this proposal artists should consider a coverage area of approximately 8-10’ in height, and up to 20-25’ in length.

The organizers of this project ask that all details regarding proposal submissions from artists and artist selections remain confidential until an announcement is made to the public.  A formal press release will be distributed once the artists have been chosen for the two murals.  Response to this RFP/RFQ signifies confidentiality between the organizers (MSM) and the artists involved in this process.


The project should achieve the following goals:

  • Improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the buildings and location areas in downtown Morgantown and provide an appealing and attractive view for passing pedestrians and motorists.
  • Generate and continue interest and awareness of public art in downtown Morgantown through innovative pieces of art.
  • Continue the growing trend of original and effective public art displays in downtown Morgantown.


  • Artist’s submissions will go through a review process conducted by the MSM Design Committee and the building owners. Once selected, the artists will work with the MSM Design Committee and the building owners in determining the final image, coverage area and any other necessary considerations.  A final design will then be submitted for approval.
  • The selected artists will collaborate with MSM and the building owners to implement the proposed design onto the chosen downtown locations.


This request is for pro bono conceptual development and submission of proposals.  Proposals should include design concept and an estimated budget for materials and construction.  Please include relevant qualifications regarding past experience with public art projects and/or artworks created in conjunction with municipalities, if applicable.

Proposals must include a cover sheet with contact information, a written description and sketch of the artist’s concept and images of at least three (3) art works he or she has previously produced.  Additional imagery/drawings/sketches area acceptable, but please limit your proposal to ten pages.

Briefly outline in the proposal:

  • Artist’s abilities and qualifications
  • Artist’s vision for the project
  • Scalability/phasing of the work
  • Any experience with similar scale projects
  • Estimated budget


Budget for the MSM Mural Project should not exceed $5,000 per mural, inclusive of all costs.  Payment to selected artists will be made in two (2) installments not to exceed $2,500 per installment, respective of the beginning and final phases of the completed work.


September 12, 2016-        Last day for submissions.

September 16, 2016-        Chosen artists notified of selection.

September 26, 2016-        Artists begin work.

November 1,    2016-        Project completion.


 Submissions can be delivered by mail, in person or by email (faxed applications will not be accepted).

Main Street Morgantown

Attn: Travis Henline, Executive Director

201 High Street, Suite 2

Morgantown, WV  26505


Contact Travis Henline with any questions at the email address above or at 304-292-0168.



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