Aull Center

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The Aull Center is located in the historic Garlow House. In 1907, Elmer Jacobs designed this Queen Anne Revival home for Aaron J. Garlow, president of the Second National Bank. The completion date, 1907, is still displayed on a blind-arch window below the pediment on the second floor. The building is most likely modeled after the W.E. Price Home, which is also located downtown. Tours of the historic house are available during the Aull Center’s business hours.

The Garlow House is currently owned by the Morgantown Public Library. The Aull Center could be considered one of the public library’s best kept secrets. Located next-door to the main public library building, the Aull Center is a treasure trove of county and local history and genealogies.

On the second floor of the Aull Center is the J.D. Rechter Holocaust Memorial Library. The library was created through generous donations by Edith Levy and with the assistance of Massachusetts book dealer, Ken Schoen. Levy and Schoen amassed a significant collection of Holocaust literature, which is now preserved in a dedicated space on the second floor of the Aull Center. The Holocaust Memorial Library contains over 1,000 books on the Holocaust, making it the largest collection in West Virginia.

The collection is named in honor of Edith’s father, J.D. Rechter, who died at Auschwitz. Two plaques tell Edith’s father’s story and the stories of the many members of Ken Schoen’s family who were killed in the Holocaust. The books are available to the public, ensuring that the memory and truth about the Holocaust will be preserved.

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Learn more about the J.D. Rechter Holocaust Memorial Library here

351 Spruce Street ♦ Website ♦ Email ♦ (304) 292-0140


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