Morgantown History Museum

morgantown history museum
Click here to see what is currently on display at the Morgantown History Museum.

In addition to its regularly rotating exhibits, the Morgantown History Museum has several permanent exhibits, including a Summers Printing Press display, Morgan Shirt Company display, and Metropolitan Theatre display. These exhibits are designed to showcase the history of Morgantown and help residents and visitors understand how Morgantown became the city it is today. Though tucked away around the corner from Monongalia Arts Center, those who take the time to venture down Kirk Street to find the museum will be rewarded with a wealth of knowledge about Morgantown’s history.

The Morgantown History Museum is a nonprofit institution and the first city-sponsored museum in the Greater Morgantown area. Its mission is to preserve and promote local and regional history, while making it accessible to the Morgantown community and its visitors.

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DT-Morgantown_wide 3Learn more about what exhibits are currently on display at the Morgantown History Museum via its website

175 Kirk Street ♦ Website ♦ Email ♦ (304) 319-1800


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