West Virginia and Regional History Center

regional history
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The West Virginia and Regional History Center is the foremost historical archives library in West Virginia, preserving the finest gathering of archives and manuscripts pertaining to the history of West Virginia and the central Appalachian region in existence. The center dates back to 1930, when the University Library accepted the responsibility of preserving the papers of Senator Waitman T. Willey, a founding father of West Virginia. The papers of other key political and industrial leaders soon followed, including those of Francis H. Pierpont—governor of the Reorganized Government of Virginia (1861-1863)—and capitalist titans Henry Gassaway Davis and Johnson Newlon Camden.

Today, the West Virginia and Regional History Center maintains leading collections in many fields and formats. Its library of West Virginia books and periodicals is unmatched, as are its holdings of early West Virginia photographs, maps, broadsides, and folk music. The center’s archives and manuscripts division continues to embrace the majority of deposited papers regarding West Virginia’s political leaders, from the first governor—Arthur I. Boreman—to those of Governor Arch Moore. The center also serves as an outstanding archival resource regarding virtually all aspects of the state’s economic, cultural, and social history.

The West Virginia and Regional History Center is open to all who have an interest in consulting the center’s resources. There is no fee or cost for basic use. The center is located on the sixth floor of the Downtown Campus Library.

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DT-Morgantown_wide 3Learn more about the West Virginia & Regional History Center via their website.

 1549 University Avenue ♦ Website


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