Blossoming Flavors: Old Stone House 4th Cookbook is ready

Blossoming Flavors is the fourth cookbook developed by the Service League of Morgantown and is available for purchase at $18.87 plus tax at the Old Stone House Gift Shop, 313 Chestnut Street in downtown Morgantown. The Service League owns and operates the Old Stone House as a non-profit gift shop staffed entirely by volunteers. This year the League is celebrating 81 years of community service. Proceeds from the sale of this cookbook are returned to the community through a variety of outreach programs and community projects.

It has been 18 years since their last cookbook was compiled which contained over 500 recipes. Blossoming Flavors has over 800 favorite recipes from League members, family, friends, celebrities and local restaurants. Recipes are contained in a padded 3-ring binder with durable metal binding that easily snaps open to allow more pages to be added. The cookbook also includes a thick, durable plastic bookstand inside to securely hold the cookbook open and upright for hands-free cooking. Eight tabbed dividers arrange recipes into categories and sub-categories for easy identification. The back of each tabbed divider includes a list of ‘helpful hints’ for that category. The index is listed in alphabetical order according to category and the contributors list identifies individuals who have submitted recipes. Other information included are pages with cooking terms, microwave hints, quick fixes, food quantities for large servings, substitutions and equivalency charts plus other help information.

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