Kuehn Sisters Diamonds

Click here to learn more about Kuehn Sisters’s custom design process.

Kuehn Sisters Diamonds specializes in handmade, custom jewelry design.

Jessica Kuehn Dunlevy is the Kuehn Sisters’s in-store goldsmith and in-house designer. She works with clients to create unique pieces, utilizing a state-of-the-art laser welder to work on jewelry with fragile and heat sensitive stones. This also allows her to size rings without using solder, creating a product that has no seams and a much stronger bond. She is able to do most of the store’s repair work on the premises.

Harri Kuehn Joseph is the Kuehn Sisters’s engagement and bridal specialist. She is able to work with customers to assess what they are looking for. Between the sisters, they will come up with a plan to accomplish any customer’s goals.

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DT-Morgantown_wide 3Check out what Kuehn Sisters Diamonds has to offer via their website.

320 High Street ♦ Website ♦ Email: Jessica & Harri ♦ (304) 296-9669


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